20 June, 2015




Dear Friends,


You may have noticed we did not send out an end of the year fund raising appeal. We didn't do so because by the end of last year's season the Liberty Free Theatre was in an even more precarious financial condition than it has been these last ten years, and there was some question as to whether LFT could continue. In addition, the wear and tear of touring the county these last seasons has made it difficult for both artists and volunteers to offer their services as readily as they did when we had our

home base.


So it is with regret that the Board of Directors and I have decided to close the Liberty Free Theatre.


The sorrow and regret at having to close the doors, however, does not in any way diminish the feelings of pleasure and accomplishment that I, the Board, the artists, volunteers and, I hope, you feel for what we contributed to the cultural vitality of our community. And, perhaps more importantly, how all of us, as friends and neighbors, may have opened another door showing others that small, rural counties can and should provide quality theatre of modest size and great ambition where "everyone is welcome, always."  


The Board of Directors of the Liberty Free Theatre and I offer you our deep gratitude and a very large "thank you" for your attendance, support and enthusiasm these last ten wonderful years.


                                                                                                     Paul Austin

                                                                                                     For the Liberty Free Theatre